Master in Business Administration (MBA)- Acharya Bangalore B-School – Bangalore

Program – Masters in Business Administration ( MBA ) –
Affiliation: Bangalore University
Course Duration :2 Years- 4 Semester
Eligibility: Graduate from any recognized University with an aggregate of 50% marks. CAT/MAT/K-MAT/BSET scores are also considered for admission.
Specialisations Offered from Bangalore University
  • Marketing
    Human Resource Management
    Agri Business Management
    Bank Management
    Information Technology
    Insurance and Risk Management
    Management of NGOs and NPOs
    Manufacturing Management
    Services Management
    Event and Media Management
    Rural Management
For more details regarding our admission you can contact the representative office  on +919002003773 or mail us at
Infrastructure: Acharya’s sagacity of vision mirrors in its finer facets of infrastructure. It’s just complete and collaborative. The Infrastructure planning collides with the natural and symbiotic measures of wisdom and learning, pledging Acharyans an edge as always. The infrastructure reflects a fine designer’s delight and an architect’s authorship and authenticity. The motive behind designing and developing such a finer version of Infrastructure is simply to create a wonderful ambiance and an elegant impression; inspiring students to experience life on campus!
Laboratories: Besides our belief in science, we facilitate Acharyans feel science as they sense the core of the fundamentals in the laboratories. Our labs for Biotech, Genetics and Microbiology make up to some of the finest in the region achieving the complete range of essential equipment for practical studies. We presume our students scientists and motivate them to pose the outlook of such a logical professional. Acharyans speak for innovations!
Language Lab at ABBS is a novel competence with scope for subjective learning of language and determines perfection. It’s a casual and proactive effort for skill building. Language lab makes communication practical and simple.
Business Lab is another finer enhancement of explicatory management and business process learning. Enhancing the confidence levels, the lab assists the students in overcoming problem areas they may be battling with.
Hostel: The Hostels are a Home Away from Home. They are a superb blend of various culture upholding the concept of unity in diversity.
Every hostel is provided with a Warden, Security Guards (24 Hours) to ensure total safety. A recreation room is provided with Television and Cable facility and a Telephone connection is provided to receive calls from the parents / local guardians.
Residents are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostels as listed below:
Students staying in college hostels are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostels as stipulated from time to time.
Health Center: The in-house center for primary health care is just convenient, giving no room for anxiety and speculation. With an absolute nursing care and dedicated physician, we attend to every minor concern related to health care. The health center is also a noble platform for the corporate social responsibility, keeping the service option open and accessible for the needy patients.
Yoga and Meditation: It is believed and proved time & again that yoga and meditation soothes the mind and soul. It helps in improving the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual quotient. To round off the learning experience and to provide holistic approach, yoga and meditation classes are conducted on daily basis by qualified instructors
Gymnasium: Believing in the concept of “Healthy Mind in a Healthy body”. ABBS has provided a multi gym where in students can work out and maintain their fitness levels
Students’ Cafeteria: The fun zone extends at the students’ cafeteria. The relishing continental stuff offers relaxation and energy. Resembling a ‘coffee friends’ culture, cafeteria is personal in its own style to many students.
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